SPC® ENV™ MAXX Enhanced Oil-Only Sorbent Pads

Take it to the MAXX: Maximum performance; minimum weight. Task-specific pads ensure commercial-grade oil-based liquid absorption and retention. Treated fibers repel water and float indefinitely, making these pads an excellent choice for off-shore use. Easy-lay, easy-remove single-ply format streamlines spill-containment and cleanup efforts.


SPC® ENV MAXX Enhanced Oil-Only Sorbent-Pad Roll, 54gal, 30" x 150ft, White

Sorbents Type: Roll; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 54 gal; Material Absorbed: Oil; Petroleum; Length: 150 ft.
Manufacturers Item #ENV150

SPC® ENV MAXX Enhanced Oil Sorbent Pads, .24gal, 15w x 19l, White, 100/Bundle

Sorbents Type: Pad; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 0.24 gal; Material Absorbed: Oil; Petroleum; Length: 19 in.
Manufacturers Item #ENV300